Kardashian Waves

Lets be honest….We all Want Kardashian waves!!! Let me help you.

Take a 1*or 2* inch curling iron. First and foremost apply heat protectant all over the hair as in Sebastian heat protectant. Remember to do this with any thermal heat. Your going to start off by grabbing 1 inch angle parting directly off your part. Once you’ve got a hold of your section you will then place the hair in the center of the curling iron. Make sure that your are rolling it away from the face. Keep rolling it till you’ve reach the ends.

Work your way from top to bottom. While working on the bottom half be sure to grab 2 inch sections. This will help you keep some of the length. Finish this look out with a soft hold hairspray.

For a second Kardashian wave look you’ll want to follow all the steps above. The difference with this technique is that instead of holding the hair into the curling iron you’ll be wrapping your hair around the barrel instead.

For and a fun twist to the wave you can flat iron random ends once the hair is complete. This will add plenty of texture to the hair. Finish with hairspray.

* 1 inch curling iron will give you a tighter wave/curl. Great for short to medium length hair.
* 2 inch curling iron will give you a softer wave/curl. Great for medium to long hair.

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Some Summer Tips

I love that it’s summer time but don’t always love my hair…… Here are some quick summer solutions that will help with some of those hot days.

For my curly ladies. If you are like myself and plan on going natural. Remember to leave just a little bit of conditioner on your ends. This will keep your hair fresh during this hot weather and help eliminate frizz. Also a great tip for those who plan on being at the pool all day.
Keratin is also a great option for the summer. If you want to keep your hair silky smooth and straight all summer long, this is your best bet.
A fashionable bun or braid is always great.

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Summer Smokey Eyes

Apply a bronze shimmer all over the lid. As in Loreal HIP pigment or Armani eyes to kill. Soften the crease by applying your blush color. Whether that may be pink,bronze or mauve. Dallas blush by Benefit is one of my favorites. Complete upper lid with a shimmer under neath the brow bone.
For the lower lid apply an espresso brown or black liner and smudge it so lightly. For best results try Stila’s smudge H2O proof liner. To make it even more dramatic apply the liner in the inside of lower lid. After lids are complete apply mascara.
Finish this look off with a glossy lip as in MAC Lustre glass lip gloss.

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